Ages ago, a world was ripped out of space and time in a galaxy-spanning war. Where natural laws and technology once held sway, today gods and magic rule, along with the might of the strong right arms of powerful and often ruthless rulers.

After centuries of slumber, a vast and terrifying evil again stirs in the world, threatening its very existence. Brave adventurers must rise to the challenge and fight back against this evil. But the path to victory is long, hard, and often deadly. Even so, there are glimpses of incredible beauty, mighty unseen forces, and powerful friends and foes to encounter along the way.

Venture forth, and begin your epic journey to restore and preserve the light in the world….

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_Stragora is a campaign developed in 1975-1977 at Depauw University in Indiana, and has brought literally thousands of hours of enjoyment to its participants. The game was originally based on the classic Dungeons and Dragons boxed set (before the AD&D hardcover rulebooks written by Gary Gygax and others at TSR).

The current incarnation of the campaign is being updated to the newer Castles & Crusades system, but still strives to capture the sense of wonder and unlimited possibilities found in the three original D&D “brown books” – four if you count Greyhawk. To paraphrase Frank Mentzer, auctioning an original 1975 edition (“white box” printing) at GenCon 2010, “You don’t need hundreds of dollars and thousands of words to play D&D, folks. It’s all here, in these little books.” Right on, Frank._